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Final Study Guide - BCOR 2400 Final Exam Study Guide Spring...

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BCOR 2400 Final Exam Study Guide Spring 2008 Note: A question and answer review session will be held for the final exam on Friday, May 2 at 3:00 p.m. in BESC 180. Exam Date: Saturday, May 3 Exam Coverage: Chapters 11, 13, 14, 15, 18 and cumulative material Coverage will be approximately 2/3 new material and 1/3 cumulative material. Format: Multiple Choice: 53 questions Short Answer: two mandatory cumulative questions, two mandatory marketing math questions, four out of five questions covering new material Please bring picture identification to the exam. You may use a calculator on the exam (No cell phone calculators are allowed). New Material As usual, anything discussed in class or covered in the text is fair game on the exam unless noted otherwise by the instructor. The one general exception is that I will not test you over the opening material or supplementary material in the text chapters. However, the basic marketing concepts that relate to the these examples are considered important. The best means for studying for the exam will be to sit down and study your class notes and PowerPoint slides along with the material in your text book. In most cases, the material covered in class is deemed to be the most important and/or the more difficult material. Therefore, it is wise to study that material in- depth (both from lecture and the text), while not completely discounting other material found only in the text. Be sure to study topics discussed in class that do not appear in your text, as this material is often included on exams. Here is a chapter-by-chapter summary of what I expect you to know from the new material on the exam. ... Chapter 11–Managing Products and Brands You should know about the product life cycle (PLC) in the same detail as in Figure 11-1 and as discussed in class; know the stages and what the major strategies are for each stage (again, use Figure 11-1 to guide your studying). Also, the material on dimensions of the PLC should be studied, this includes the material on product adoption by consumers. You should also know why the product life cycle isn’t used as an everyday management tool, but is looked at as more of a model of product behavior over time. Know the material from the section titled Managing the Product Life Cycle in general; you don’t need to know every detail, but you should have some idea about the three major strategies. Study the material on branding using your notes from class. If it was discussed in class, consider it an important topic. The material on packaging and warranties is of less importance, but shouldn’t be totally disregarded.
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Final Study Guide - BCOR 2400 Final Exam Study Guide Spring...

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