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Eemeli Isoaho English Composition Professor Mallette 09.16.2007 Who is your favourite musician? Collect a number of illustrative facts and stories about him or her, and write an essay that explains through examples and anecdotes the role of that person as a musician. The Finnish music scene had not seen such hysteria so close to Beatlemania as when Anssi Kela released his debut album Nummela in 2001. Something about this ordinary man and his music caught the hearts of Finns and made him the dream son-in-law for all the mothers. Anssi Kela’s success was unheard-of and in a week after its release, Nummela had been sold more than 40,000 copies. 1 It was his down-to-earth and commonplace sound and lyrics that made Anssi Kela one of the most sold and admired Finnish artists of all time. Like for many Finns, Anssi Kela rapidly became one of my favourite artists, and soon I was playing his album over and over again. I had been missing plain music with a good melody and without extra refinements, and that was exactly what Kela’s music was all about. For example, seven out of ten songs on his first album had only harmonica or guitar as their instrument.
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English 100 - Example essay - Eemeli Isoaho English...

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