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BCOR 2500-105 The A Team: Firefighter Connect : An Online Blogging Network Exclusively for Firefighters The Firefighter Connect is an online website that enables firefighters to share stories from the field. This website would be organized so that each fire department had its own page and users could register under a department. Users could easily read blogs from their own department or from others. This account registration would occur by each fire department. By allowing only firefighters and departments to access the blog information, we expect the site to be less saturated with useless information and provides firefighters a more private and job specific environment. This environment is meant to connect firefighters and build trust within departments. “Stories become a mechanism for communicating more than a vague mission statement tattooed on the employees’ paychecks and hung crooked on the lunchroom wall. They allow the values of an organization to be transmitted on a deeper, more meaningful level. Stories lend credibility to leaders charged with reaching a service goal that can seem impossible to achieve. Stories also can help make sense of rules that may otherwise seem unnecessary, inapplicable or just plain dumb,” (Ferguson). Firefighter Connect facilitates this exchange between firefighters. Firefighters believe in the importance of creating a team environment and trusting everyone on their team. The stories told in the blog will also prepare other fighters for similar situations. Hearing other stories will create a familiarity with situations without personal experience. “You never know what the situation is going to be like until you are in it, but stories are
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the one of the best ways firefighters can prepare themselves for this unknown,” said William O’Brien, a Forest Firefighter out of Portland, Oregon (Personal Communication, April 14, 2008). With this website, departments are able to create a more cohesive team and
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BCOR 2500 - BCOR 2500-105 The A Team: Firefighter Connect:...

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