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BCOR 2500 Podcasts Advising is a system. Our biggest process is to convey information to a specific target audience of students (our customers). In this project, you will be using information systems (technology) to problem solve and find an interesting way of conveying your specific piece of advising information to future 2 nd year students. These pieces will come together to form a complete program of advising for 2 nd year students. This will help the advising office (your client) become more efficient in our task. 1. Review the requirements and structure guidelines. 2. Come up with a plan and assign group roles as necessary. 3. Research your content area. The links included below can help you research your subject. 4. Plan out your podcast and write a script. 5. Practice your script to insure you have met the time requirement. 6. Submit your script for a content review. Deadline for submission is Friday, February 29 th . 7. Record sound. You can use your own equipment or sign up for a session with Kaleena to use the business schools equipment. a.
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BCOR%202500%20Podcast%20Project - BCOR 2500 Podcasts...

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