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GRADING RUBRIC FOR FINAL PROJECT (Develop a new e-business, hardware, or software) Is there something new about the idea? 3pts Is there a demand for it? 3pts o One way to find out is to survey your potential customers. Try surveymonkey.com, zoomerang.com, or surveygizmo.com (many have a free trial if you’re only polling 100 people or less) Is the idea feasible? Can you imagine how this would be implemented? Consider costs and available resources.
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Unformatted text preview: 3pts Was it obvious that a lot of research was accomplished? 2pts Did the group identify any open issues/unintended consequences and strategies to address them? 2pts Was it presented well – clear, organized, answered questions thoroughly? 2pts 15 pts total Note: Final papers should be turned in on the first day of presentations (April 18 th ) so that we have time to review and decide on a winner prior to class on April 28 th ....
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