Business intelligence knowledge about your customers

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Unformatted text preview: TS • Business Intelligence to make decisions for better business COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Data Warehouse Data Data Marts Data Operational data problems Operational Dirty data Missing data Inconsistent data Nonintegrated data Too much data – Sampling can help… Managing Information & People People Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Business Transformation Process: Data Mining Analysis INPUTS • Data from many different databases into larger stores of data (data warehouses & data marts) OUTPUTS • Business Intelligence to make decisions for better business COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE What is Business Intelligence? Intelligence? Business Intelligence Business “Knowledge about your customers, Knowledge competitors, business partners, competitive environment, and internal operations…that gives you the ability to make effective, important, and often strategic business decisions” strategic – Haag & Cummings, 2008, “Information Systems Essentials” Carbon Creek Gardens Carbon Lack of information about customers Information is there…just need to know Information how to get it how Need for BI Systems Need Moore’s law means storage capacity Moore’s almost unlimited almost Drowning in data and starving for Drowning information information Turn insights into actions Business Intelligence Tools Business Reporting tools – Assessments Data mining tools – Statistical techniques – Find patterns and relationships – Predictions Reporting Operations DATA INFORMATION Filter Compute Group Sort Reporting System Components Reporting Export to application CU Digital Dashboard CU Corporate Dashboard Corporate Report Characteristics Report Static reports don’t change (Push) Dynamic reports one point in time Query reports are a response (Pull) GOOGLE QUERY “PULLED” BY USER Security: “Semantic Security” Security: Semantic Security – Unintended release of protected info thru Unintended unprotected documents – Example: Essential Elements of Friendly Example: Information (EEFIs) in the military Information Reporting Tool Reporting RFM Analysis Money...
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