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Fbi study the security program senior management

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Unformatted text preview: ty CONTINUED… In the news…6/18/07 In The Journal Report: All Things Digital – Wikis at Work – Aaron Hathaway, Director of IT at Prager, Sealy, & Co. “So much of adapting to an organization is understandin Open source MediaWiki software Open MediaWiki http://pbwiki.com/education.wiki SAP has wiki for customers and developers SAP for Potential problem of scale: 1% rule Group Work Group Choose a company… You are the top management team Describe how you will use social Describe networking tools to… networking – Make decisions, solve problems, gain a Make competitive advantage competitive – What will your policies be for these tools? – How will you deal with the 1% rule? Managing Information & People People Security & Privacy Learning Objectives Learning Know the threats… And how to respond to them Understand privacy issues… And how to deal with them As a future business professional why should you be concerned about security? concerned Security in the news… Security iiPhone Phone security challenges for corporations security – Pressure from iPhone users Pressure – How would you respond? A comparison of usability & secu comparison Sources of Threats Sources Humans – Errors – Mistakes – Malicious activity Natural disasters Problem Types Problem Unauthorized data disclosure – Pretexting – Phishing – Spoofing – Sniffing Sniffing risk: Sniffing Wireless (Wifi) hotspots New problems: New Smishing Bluesnarfing Problem Types (cont) Problem Incorrect data modification – Hacking – Top 10 Faulty service Denial of service Loss of infrastructure Incorrect data modification: Hacking Hacking Example Voting machines What is the impact of these problems? problems? FBI Study The Security Program The Senior Management Involvement Safeguards Senior Management Involvement Senior Security Policy – NIST Handbook – General statement – Issue-specific policy – System-specific policy Senior Management Involvement Senior Risk management – What assets to protect – How vulnerable? – What would happen? – How likely is it? The Security Program The Senior Management Involvement Safeguards Safeguards Safeguards Tec...
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