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Unformatted text preview: ications of BI: – – – – – – – Retail and Sales Banking Manufacturing and Production Insurance Police work Health care Marketing Business Intelligence Case Business Ben & Jerry’s BI in the news… BI BI for web site recommendations BI (competitive advantage) (competitive – Old way: Collaborative Filtering Behavioral targeting – New way: “Attributized Approach” by ChoicePoint Attributized ChoicePoint Word mining for better tech support Business Intelligence Business Demo Managing Information & People People Collaboration Tools for sharing knowledge Tools Knowledge (content) management Knowledge systems systems Discussion groups (FAQs), e-mail Expert Systems Expert Collaboration systems Collaboration Why are users reluctant to share Why knowledge? knowledge? Why is knowledge sharing impor Why Task Interdependence .17*** Identification Reciprocity Boy Scout Organizational Personality Innovative Organizational Personality Ties to Experts Shared Vision Note: * p < .10, ** p < .05, *** p < .01 .20*** .20*** -.07 .08 .14*** -.03 Individual Contribution To Organizational Learning 21% Discussion board example Discussion Discussion Groups example Discussion Podcasts Podcasts Video Conferencing Video New Videoconferencing Tools New More Collaboration Tools More WebEx for efficiency and competitive advantag advanta Social networking Social Research: One of biggest predictors of Research: productivity is social networks (source) (source) Social networking sites Most popular blogs Social networking Social MySpace users are aging The appeal of giant networks leveling The But value of networking tools rising… But – Blogging 32% (% of co.s that use) – Wikis 33% – Message/bulletin boards 33% – Social networking sites 37% Sources: BusinessWeek March/April 2007, Wall Street Journal 6/18/07 In the news…6/18/07 In The Journal Report: All Things Digital – Managing the use of new social tools Blogs, wikis, social networks in the corporate world wikis social Wikis used in business Ok to start small Broader success requires management support Pick the right tool Trust, but have policies CONTINUED… In the news…6/18/07 In The Journal Report: All Things Digital – IBM’s social networking Second Life BluePages (corporate version of MySpace) Wiki Central DogEar to share bookmarks Fosters teamwork – Boston to Bangalore Helps mobile workers Simple reminders on privacy, respect, and confidentiali...
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