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BCOR 2500 Podcast Topic Suggestions 1. Have you started thinking about your area?  (Description/Opportunities)- Accounting* 2. Have you started thinking about your area?  (Description/Opportunities)- Finance* 3. Have you started thinking about your area?  (Description/Opportunities)- Management* 4. Have you started thinking about your area?  (Description/Opportunities)- Marketing* 5. Have you started thinking about your area?  (Description/Opportunities)- Systems* 6. Have you started thinking about a concurrent degree?  BS/MS programs in ACCT/FNCE  undergrad with ACCT masters, or SYST undergrad with Telecommunications masters.  When  should you apply?  What do you need to do in preparation? 7. Have you thought about getting a certificate?  (Description/Opportunities)- Entrepreneurship* 8. Have you thought about getting a certificate?  (Description/Opportunities)- International  Business* 9. Have you thought about getting a certificate?  (Description/Opportunities)- Real Estate*
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This note was uploaded on 03/17/2009 for the course BCOR 2500 taught by Professor Adams during the Spring '08 term at Colorado.

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podcast%20topics - BCOR 2500 Podcast Topic Suggestions 1...

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