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Top Tech Strategy e-mail - The A Team BCOR 2500-105 Mashups...

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Unformatted text preview: The A Team BCOR 2500-105 Mashups Mashup tools involve combining two or more data or applications to simplify a business process, add value to a service, or a tech product. The tools allow users to aggregate information making it easier for users of their website to get information. The mashups are created using applications that already exist allowing creators to save immense amounts of money, resources and time. Also, they are relatively easy to create. Users utilize mashups in a number of ways including: mapping, social networking and shopping. The three types of mashups are: consumer mashups, data mashups and business mashups. Consumer mashups combine data from multiple sources and applications. One example is the use of Google Maps on real estate listings on Craigs List to show the location of the listing. Data mashups involve mixing data from different sources. One implementation of this type involves combining data from many RSS feeds into a single feed. Business mashups are a combination of consumer mashups and data mashups. One example of this is having basic cell phone service, a ringback tone and voicemail service all from different companies....
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Top Tech Strategy e-mail - The A Team BCOR 2500-105 Mashups...

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