CLASS NOTES TEST 3a - BCOR 3000 TEST 3 Test what can be...

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BCOR 3000 TEST 3 Test - what can be pattented, copyrighted, or trademarked - what can be protected - how long can it be protected Pg. 133 CHAPTER 5 License Grants rights to use - exclusive o This means it cannot be given to anyone else - Nonexclusive o You are allowed to grant a license to other people Royalites Patents Give inventors exclusive rights to make, use, or sell inventions. - Invention patent – 20 years o After the invention expires, the invention goes out into the public - Design patent – 14 years Must be: - Genuine - Novel - Useful - Not obvious How to obtain a patent Unlike other countries, patents based on the first to invent not the first to file - File patent application with US PTO and receive approval Patent Infringement Make use or sell a patented product without permission Copyright Granted by federal statute to creator of literary or artistic work - Copyright act of 1976 - Movies, tv shows, pictures, graphics, paintings, sound, computer software
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- Must be original and fixed in a durable medium - Ideas not protected - Expression of an idea is protected o EX: if Da Vinci and Morley both painted the Mona Lisa at the same time, their would be no infringement - Ideas are not protected but expressions are o Ex: you want to paint the mountainside, the idea of painting the mountainside isnt protected but the painting is - Protection is automatic o Ex: the minute you write the poem its protected - Registration is not required - Copywright notice not required - Notice defeats innocent infirngement claim Copyright Infringment - Using a copyrighted work without permission - Actual and statutory damages - Criminal penalties Fair Use Exception to liability for copyright infringement Fair Use: - Criticism - Commentary - News Reporting - Teaching - Scholarship - Research Copyright in Digital Information Downloading constitutes making a copy MP3 and file-sharing - napster case Trade Secrets - Confidential, Proprietary information. -
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CLASS NOTES TEST 3a - BCOR 3000 TEST 3 Test what can be...

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