English 100 - Comparison and Contrast

English 100 - Comparison and Contrast - Eemeli Isoaho...

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Eemeli Isoaho Professor Mallette Comparison and Contrast 11.01.2007 Back to the Finnish Line ”What are you doing? You can’t just say that!” my friend shouted at me after I had advised my math professor in terms of what I felt he should do better. Despite the surprised and appalled grin on the professor’s face, I did not realize I had just acted inappropriately in the class. It was my perception, according to the Finnish school system, that students are allowed to correct teachers and even criticise them. Moreover, I could not believe my American friend when she lectured me about how rude it is to scream professor’s first name and expect him to respond. For me this shocking event was one of the first times I got to see the differences between the Finnish and American school systems in practice. The American system came out to be thoroughly different from the one I had experienced in Finland. Whereas in the American school system teacher symbolizes an educated older person who is meant to instruct adolescent and naïve students, in the Finnish system teacher is considered as someone valuable and precious who shares their knowledge with students. In the United States, teachers are superior to students, and there is only an academic relationship between them and learners. Teachers are called by their last name with a title or just simply “teachers” rather than their first names, or not to even mention their nicknames. When I asked my American friends if they would go and talk to their teacher if they saw him/her at a shopping mall, they all giggled at me and told me they would do everything to avoid the teacher. This miniature enquiry shows how the
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English 100 - Comparison and Contrast - Eemeli Isoaho...

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