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COURSE OUTLINE: Part One: Introduction: Values#1 1. The relevance of values in business and in everyday life 2. What are your values 3. How do you know what feels right: a glimpse into Ethical Doctrines and Beyond (our values and the appeal of ethical doctrines) Part Two: Different Conceptions of the role of Business: The Classical View: Profit Maximization and the Case for the Free Market 1. Historical underpinnings a. Free Market (efficiency, freedom, individuality, fairness, consumer sovereignty) 2. A more contemporary argument a. Emphasis on a limited role of government so not to get in the way of businesses b. If this exists, great things happen with an invisible hand guiding it c. Are these benefits the rule or the exception? d. Not only can inefficiencies exist, but there is also some inherient fairness with free market Part Three: Different conceptions of the Role of Businesses: Self-Interest constrained: the Government to the rescue?
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