CLAS 2100 � FINAL - CLAS 2100 FINAL EXAM 1 Philosophers on role of women and their education#72 73 Blundell 181-7 a Women and the

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CLAS 2100 – FINAL EXAM 1. Philosophers on role of women and their education - #72, 73, Blundell 181-7 a. Women and the Philosophers (181-7) #73 i. Table of Opposites – basic antithesis between male and female 1. Included ten paris of opposite principles at work in the universe in these categories: a. Male and female b. Limited and unlimited c. Right and left d. light and darkness e. good and evil 2. suggest that philosophers subscribed to the notion of gender difference as a fundamental element in a world order founded on interaction of opposed substances 3. Sophists – argued that values and institutions grounded in nature were really social constructs ii. Plato, The Republic (380 BC) 1. Only philosopher who rejects concept of a fundamental antithesis between male and female a. Abolishes the private sphere (women) i. Motivation comes from negative view of role of women 1. That wives and children constitute loyalty that distracts men form interest of the community 2. Women themselves have a potential for service to the community (which were going to waste) 2. Interest in gender was characteristic of the age in which he lived 3. Outlines his prototype for an ideal state (Socrates is character in dialogue) a. The society is a hierarchical one i. Duties and privileges are distributed in accordance with a rigid class system ii. Population divided into three groups 1. Ruling class (aka: Guardians) a. Not destined to lead particularly pleasurable lives i. Political privileges not matched by any economic advantages ii. Don’t own private property iii. All things (inc. women and children) are held in common iv. Much achieve knowledge of Good 2. Soldier class 3. Class that provides for economic needs b. Believes only difference between male and females are reproductive i. Offer no barriers to women’s equal participation in the highest positions within the state c. States that there is no one function in society which should be reserved for either women on men: both sexes are equally eligible for selection as Guardians d. Plato is not suggesting that men are able to do everything better than all women
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i. Same range of natural abilities found in both sexes ii. But within any one area of ability, females will be outclassed by males iii. Hence, in guardian class (although doenst flat out state) men will be more superior iv. However, a great majority of men will not be admitted to the class at all (lack necessary strength) e. Entrance to guardian class i. Equality of education between sexes 1. Women given physical and intellectual education a. Exercise naked in gymnasium with the men b. Receive military training ii. No sexual division of labor 1. Women will undertake the same duties as men including warfare (given lighter tasks, however) f. Marriage and family life i. Both, he says, are to be abolished 1. Men and women will not be divided into separate households a. Will eat, live and train together ii. Cannot be allowed to mate with each other 1. Festivals will be organized for this to happen (previously
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CLAS 2100 � FINAL - CLAS 2100 FINAL EXAM 1 Philosophers on role of women and their education#72 73 Blundell 181-7 a Women and the

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