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Exam I Study Guide

Exam I Study Guide - Exam I Study Guide 1 Communication A...

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Exam I Study Guide: 1. Communication : A systemic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meanings. 2. Content Level of Meaning: Literal message. Ex) Knock on the door and the persons asks “May I come in?” They are asking for permission to enter. Relationship Level of Meaning: expresses the relationship between communicators. Ex) in example above, if the person is your friend then they are seeking a friendly interaction. If they are your supervisor and they have an angry tone, you would conclude that they are not satisfied with your work. Content level meaning is the same in both examples, but the relationship level is different. Relationship level strives to connect with a person. 3. Models of Communication: Linear, interactive and transactional. Linear: Back and forth conversation, most shallow form of conversation between one person and another. Interactive: Regular conversation with some sort of background noise or disruption, body language and tone come into effect, feedback comes into
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