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exam II Study GuideC - COMM 1210 Study Guide Exam II...

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COMM 1210- Study Guide- Exam II Chapter 6 Why is listening so important to communication? - Helps us resolve conflicts, improve learning, understand others, become informed, improve communication skills. - Listening process involves being mindful, physically receiving messages, selecting and organizing information, interpreting communication, responding and remembering. Identify which situational or internal obstacle is interfering with listening. - Situation Obstacles - in communication contexts. - Message Overload- we receive more messages then we can process and manage Ex) Taking four or five classes at a time and you confuse all the readings; or when a teacher is explaining something with a slide which contains a lot of statistical data. - Message Complexity- message(s) we are trying to receive is highly complex or detailed. - Environmental Distractions- Occurrences in the communication setting that distract us. Effective listeners shut these distractions off. Ex) T.V. in the background; shutting off makes ones listening more effective. - Internal Obstacles - within communicators. - Preoccupation- When we are absorbed in our thoughts and concerns. - Prejudgments- Judging others of their ideas before we hear them Ex) When a doctor interrupts you in the middle of you telling him what’s wrong because he thinks he know exactly what you will be say. - Lack of Effort- Simply, just not putting an effort into listening to someone - Not Recognizing Diverse Listening Styles- Ex) In some cultures it is rude to even give any feedback at all while someone is talking. What is Mindfulness and how do we become a mindful listener? - Mindfulness- focusing on what is happening in the moment. A mindful listener proves to be listening by communicating verbally and nonverbally to prove that we are paying attention. Empty your mind of all thoughts, Concentrate on the person you’re talking to, Push away diverting thoughts. - From Buddhism, the concept of being fully present in the moment the first step of listening and the foundation of all the other steps. Listening versus hearing, what is the difference?
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exam II Study GuideC - COMM 1210 Study Guide Exam II...

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