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10/5/2009 Comm. 1210 Housemate Interactions Introduction: A myriad of college students tend to live in off campus houses following their freshman years. In addition, all of these individuals face the same dilemma when deciding who they will choose to be their housemate or roommate. One would wisely choose a friend they feel they may communicate well with or rarely disagree with. Once you surpass this minor predicament and you begin to live with these new roommates, it’s only natural to begin to take notice of many of their small and sometimes bothersome mannerisms. In my current house I have six housemates who were previously and still are some of my closest friends. We constantly disagree about each others minor tendencies when it comes to house-care. In this study I chose to observe all six of my roommates and closely examine how they interact with each other when discussing a problem within the house. In the basement of my house we have this moderately large TV room with a massive L-shaped couch which provides a great arrangement for some face to face confrontation. The couch is situated to where it fits flawlessly in the width of the room, with the TV located on the opposite wall. Adjacent to the TV stand is a doorway which leads into one of the two kitchens in this house. One of the primary reasons that I felt observing my housemates would be a good experiment is because we have two kitchens and three bathrooms in our house; two locations that seem to be where roommates as a whole will occupy and have to share the most. Having six roommates and the TV in front of me provided me with the perfect scenario to be an observer and not a participant. If
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10/5/2009 Comm. 1210 there was a discussion going on I was able to focus on the TV and act as if I weren’t involved in the conversation or pass the attention off to five other individuals. Literature Review: I have first hand seen both verbal and nonverbal methods to display disagreement amongst housemates. A verbal disagreement can be when a roommate walks into the TV room and asks the other five roommates whose dirty dish is in the sink. In this case no one responded and the roommate who initiated the conversation stated, “When you’re done with your dishes, wash them and put them in the dishwasher.” The tone of his voice clearly informed the rest of us that he was by no means pleased with having to deal with other peoples dirty dishes. J.E. Brown provides many examples of common disagreements between housemates; then offers many possible ways to avoid these discrepancies as well as provides techniques to condone these incommodious mannerisms (Brown, 2000). In Brown’s article he discusses things such as health and safety issues that often affect housemates. Items such s razors, toothbrushes or tweezers should not be shared or just left lying around states Brown. Leaving a toothbrush or razor clippings around is not only disgusting but unhealthy as well. In addition, Brown also discusses
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Final Litrvw - Comm 1210 Housemate Interactions...

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