Will It Ever End

Will It Ever End - Thursday, 3:00 pm 3/17/2009 Will It Ever...

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Thursday, 3:00 pm 10/5/2009 “Will It Ever End?” 1. Maguire, K. C. (2007). “Will it Ever End?”: A (re)examination of uncertainty in college student long-distance dating relationships. Communication Quarterly, 55 , 415-432. The main research question in this article is whether or not uncertainty about a relationships future is a source of worry for college students in long distance dating relationships (LDDR’s). In addition, there are two more research questions which lie within the main question; whether uncertainty in LDDR’s are associated with lower levels of liking, trusting and commitment in a relationship or if uncertainty can be a preferred quality in LDDR’s. An uncertainty management theory (UMT) recognizes that future relationship probabilities must be evaluated before determining whether or not this sense of uncertainty in a relationship is problematic. The hypotheses ultimately states that a higher level of uncertainty would result in a higher level of stress in a relationship. So, when is uncertainty problematic and when is it beneficial in college students LDDR’s? Specifically, this research is attempting to determine whether or not and when LDDR’s are challenging or constructive in a college student’s life. I believe that it will be extremely difficult to determine whether LDDR’s are counterproductive or advantageous in a student’s life because of the myriad of pro’s and con’s that go with both sides. However, I completely agree with the hypothesis; I believe if both sides in a relationship
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Will It Ever End - Thursday, 3:00 pm 3/17/2009 Will It Ever...

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