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Public Speaking: 8/25 How we see the world: Islam – crescent, political and symbolic Communication is hard – audiences don’t always hear what you want them to hear. 2 diff messages in the crescent memorial for flight 93 Audience Analysis: 2 fundamental mistakes regarding audiences: - assuming audience is out to get you - assuming the audience is just like you are Some Audiences: Target Audience: Those for whom the speaker has designed the speech. Empirical Audience: All those exposed to the speech Agents of Change: Those with the power to do something about your felt difficulty. Audience Demographics: The characteristics describe the audience as a whole: -Composition -Size -Heterogeneity -Voluntary vs. captive Size: -More listeners means a greater sense of distance btw speaker and audience. -Tends to correlate w/ size. -May influence speaker’s choice of examples and appeals in order to reach the
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Unformatted text preview: max number of listeners. Heterogeneity:-Refers to the variety or diversity of the audience members in their beliefs and attitudes.-Tends to correlate with size.-May influence speaker’s choice of examples and appeals in order to reach the maximum number of listeners. Voluntary vs. Captive:-Ppl who have chosen to hear a speech more likely to be receptive to the message.- Captive audiences may make it difficult to build ethos.-When in doubt, assume you have a captive audience. Obstacles to comm. That arise from the nature of the audience:-a captive audience doesn’t mean an attentive audience-“Selective Exposure” – Audiences control their exposure to rhetorical acts-Ideology (worldview) or interests act as filters of info...
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