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Case Study Analysis Part A Leadership Issues in Lifeboat The characters in the movie Lifeboat find themselves in several interesting circumstances that quickly turn into life or death situations. Tensions run high during times of war, and when a US ship is sunk from enemy German-fire, nine strangers (including one German) find themselves drifting about the North Atlantic on a lifeboat. They all share a common goal of getting to safety, and one of the main obstacles they encounter is leadership within the group. Our following argument is two-fold; first we will explain the problem of leadership in the movie, second we will give course evidence displaying problems related to these particular leadership issues. Prior to discussing this groups leadership problem it is important to define leadership. According to the “Effective Group Discussion” textbook by Gloria Galanes and Katherine Adams leadership is an “influence exerted through communication that helps a group achieve goals” (pg 243). Several characters throughout the movie assumed the leadership role but fell short in their attempt to gain the trust of the rest of the group, which Lencioni describes as “an absence of trust”. Consequently, there is a clear issue in leadership emergence amongst this group, which Galanes and Adams define as “the process by which someone initially emerges as the leader where they all started out as being equal” (246). For this reason it is critical to highlight the specific attempts to
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Group Interaction Paper - CaseStudyAnalysisPartA...

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