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PPO Our group chose the name “PPO,” standing for “preference for procedural order.” We liked this name because it was a catchy acronym for a quality that we wanted to strive for while being in this class. “Preference for procedural order” is a simple, yet vital aspect of working together in group projects. It is characterized by the need to follow clear structures in group discussion. According to Gloria Galanes and Katherine Adams, authors of “Effective Group Discussion”, PPO is a “cognitive trait” that is “desirable in members of problem-solving
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Unformatted text preview: groups” (145). Furthermore, Galanes and Adams claim that a person who has the PPO trait is capable of thinking both critically and systematically. They go on to argue that critical and systematic thinking allows group members to coordinate and organize their thoughts in a timely and orderly manner. For this reason, we felt that PPO was an essential part to having a successful outcome to our group project....
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