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March 20, 2007 Comm 1600 Xu Rec. #024 Boster, F. J. (1990). Group argument, social pressure, and the making of group decisions. Communication Yearbook , 13, 303-312. Markulis, P., Jassawalla, A.R., Sashittal, H. (2006). The impact of leadership modes on team dynamics and performance in undergraduate management classes. Journal of Education for Business , 81, 145-150. McAleese, D., Hargie, O. (2004). Five guiding principles of culture management: A
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Unformatted text preview: synthesis of best practice. Journal of Communication Management , 9, 155-170. Paredes, S. J., Sawyer, R.K., Watson, S.T., Myers, V.L. (2007). Teacher teams and distributed leadership: A study of group discourse and collaboration. Educational Administration Quarterly , 43, 67-100. Salas, E. Sims, D.E., Burke, C. (2005) Is there a “big five” in teamwork? Small Group Research , 36, 555-599....
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