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Section 003 Chapter 4 Study Guide: Organizational communication: values and ethical communication behaviors KEY TERMS: - Organizational value systems: The shared values and beliefs of an organization that creates and shapes the organization. Helps the members identify what is important to the company and affects important factors of the organization such as decision- making. - Individual values systems: The personal values and outlooks in which an individual brings to an organization. Affects the way they work within the organization, i.e. interpersonal relationships, ways of obtaining a goal, personal ethics. - Ethics: The moral values that help guide the way in which we perceive and differentiate good from bad and right from wrong. - Ethical communication: Highlights the individual and the individual’s self worth and ability to make their own decisions. GUIDING QUESTIONS: Describe a situation either from your personal experience or from something you’ve seen in the media (real or fiction) of a clash between individual values and organizational values. Was the situation handled ethically? Why or why not? When my friend was working this summer for a company that was quite big and global, she had a clash between her individual values and the organizations values. She did not agree with how the organization was working with their environment. The organization marked up their prices a significant amount in which she did not feel comfortable with. Although she understood that companies have to increase the price of their stock in order to stay in business, she knew that the increase in price was a ridiculous amount and felt as though it was unfair to the consumer. She quit as a result of the differences in the company and her own individual values. I think the situation was handled ethically because she stood up for what she believed in and took action. Describe an ethical dilemma that could happen in your organizational case study. How would you respond? How should you respond? A possible ethical dilemma that could occur in Phi might take place during standards. Standards is where members are sent when they have broken a rule. The standards board consists of members who have been elected by all the members in Phi to listen, analyze, and determine the punishment of the member who broke the rule. An individual on the board could have a bias view toward the wronged member that influences the severity of the punishment they wish to place on the member. This could be an ethical dilemma because the punishment is unfair and influenced by external factors which should not be taken into account during the situation. In this certain situation, I would not be able to have any sort of influence on the standards boards decision however, if I were able to, I would attempt to persuade them to be unbiased and leave all other influential factors aside.
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Which of the ethical dilemmas (representing skills and ability, money, information collection and dissemination, personal communication behaviors, technology, and
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ch4studyguide - Section 003 Chapter 4 Study Guide...

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