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Section 003 Chapter 11 Study Guide: Organizational Change and Communication KEY TERMS - Organizational change: Changes within the organization that affect the organization; can be both planned or unplanned - Knowledge deficit: Lack of knowledge which results in restraints and barriers for the organization in addressing the issue of change. Can sometimes be fixed with more participation within the organization to provide members with more knowledge on change strategies - Risk perception: Beliefs and concerns pertaining to the unknown outcome the change will produce - Process model: Model in which members and professionals work together in order to identify problems, create solutions, apply ideas, and evaluate results. Professionals act as an aid by guiding the members throughout the process. GUIDING QUESTIONS Describe the four activities that occur in the process of planned development and provide examples of each activity. 1) Data collection: an array of techniques used to gather data which provide the researcher with useful information to better understand the issue and problems at
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ch11studyguide - Section 003 Chapter 11 Study Guide:...

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