FINALSTUDYGUIDE - COMM 2600 final Sanae This study guide is...

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COMM 2600 final / Sanae This study guide is meant to help you with your final preparation. It lists specific topics and concepts you should review. You will be responsible for both the material and examples regarding these concepts that we have discussed or read. This includes readings from your textbook (mostly responsible about what was asked in your SG), case studies, web-links in your CuLearn, slides, film clips, handouts, group activities, discussions, and your classmates presentations. CHAPTER 8: PARTICIPATING IN ORGANIZATION Why should we care about decision-making? What is Nancy Kline's take on decision making? - Why we should care: o Thinking environment - Nancy Kline o Everything we do depends on the thinking we do first - Decision making and problem solving are the most important communication processes in organizations - Contributes innovation and creativity - Groups that cant make a decision contribute to negative organizational outcomes - Effectiveness of decision making and problem solving directly influences the effectiveness of individuals as well as entire organizations What are the differences between decision-making and problem solving? What are their components? - Decision making: process of choosing from among several alternatives o Depends on individuals and groups choosing from among known alternatives o Aim is to provide: Attributes of decision making environments Methods for decision making Theoretical background of decision making Strategies and tools to make effective decision making - Problem solving: multistage process for moving an issue, situation, or state from an undesirable to a more desirable condition o Process by which individuals and groups generate alternative o Evaluate those alternatives in light of the identified problem - Four factors influence individual and group decision making and problem solving: o Culture Organizational cultures influence methods of decision making EX: some organizations expect leaders to make and announce decisions o Decision/problem issues Nature of a problem influences decision making and problem solving 1
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Following factors influence how individuals and organizations approach decisions: Degree of complexity o Complex problems may require more involvement, participation, and thoroughness, and resources Importance of decision o May influence who is responsible and how much time is allocated for decision making o Communication competencies Perception of our personal competencies and predispositions for communication determine: How and when we engage in individual and group decision making Communication competencies of others influence the quality of decision making o Technical competencies Excellence in decision making requires: A communication process that supports excellence and appropriate technical backgrounds or information What are methods of decision-making? Strengths and weaknesses? -
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FINALSTUDYGUIDE - COMM 2600 final Sanae This study guide is...

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