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CYBERNETICS IN HISTORY Introduction - Many implications of the theory of messages - Larger field which includes: o The study of language o The study of messages as a means of controlling machinery and society o The development of computing machines and other automata o Certain reflections upon psychology and the nervous system o A tentative new theory of scientific method - This larger theory of messages is a probabilistic theory Invention of Cybernetics - Cybernetics derived from the Greek word that meant steersman - Cybernetics works as a single term that describes the complex ideas of the theory of messages - In his book, he defined cybernetics by classifying communication and control together o When communicating, one person conveys a message to the other o When the second person communicates back, he returns a related message with information that is primarily accessible to him and not the other person o When one controls the actions of another person, a message is communicated and the technique of communication does not differ from that of a message of a fact o If control is to be effective, one must become aware of any messages from the other person which may indicate that the order is understood or has been obeyed - Thesis of the book (cybernetics): o Society can only be understood through a study of the messages and the communication facilitates that belong to it o In the future development of these messages and communication facilities, messages between man and machines, machines and man, machine and machine, are destined to play an ever increasing part Argues that when he gives an order to a machine, the situation is not essentially different from that which arises when he gives an order to a person Thus, the theory of control in engineering, whether human or animal or mechanical, is a chapter in the theory of messages Purpose of cybernetics - To develop a language and techniques that will enable us to attack the problem of control and communication in general (detailed differences in messages and in problems of control) - To find the proper supply of ideas and techniques to classify their particular signs (manifestations) under certain concepts Commands and information
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- Commands in which we exercise or control over our environment are a kind of information which we pass on -
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comm3210rdg#2-10 - CYBERNETICS IN HISTORY Introduction Many...

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