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THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY Introduction - In direct contrast to German philosophy which descends from heaven to earth, here we ascend from earth to heaven - Which means: o We set out from real, active men o On the basis of their real life process we demonstrate the development of the ideological reflexes and echoes of this life process o Life is not determined by consciousness - - consciousness is determined by life - First method of approach: o Starting point is consciousness taken as the living individual - Second method of approach: o Conforms to real life o Starting point is the real living individuals themselves o Consciousness is considered solely as their consciousness - Language o Practical consciousness o Only arises from the need and necessity of intercourse with other men o From this point, consciousness is a social product and remains as long as men exist Consciousness - At first, it is merely consciousness concerning the immediate sensuous environment and consciousness of the limited connection with other persons and things outside the individual who is growing self conscious - Also is the conscious of nature:
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comm3210rdg#3-16 - THE GERMAN IDEOLOGY Marx & Engels...

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