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final review - Metadiscourse is o Discourse about discourse...

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- Metadiscourse is: o Discourse about discourse o A common feature of everyday life - Framing: o Done in metadiscourse o Tends to promote a particular prob definition o Selecting aspects of perceived - Carey: o Influence across space - The linear model assumes: o Meaning is something an individual has in his/her mind o Communication is a process of transmitting messages - Craig argues that communication is a practice. This implies: o There is a normative discourse in society that regulates communication and makes it meaningful as a type of activity - T/F: your experience of classroom communication can be framed in terms of ritual, information transmission, dialogue, group interaction, and in other ways. This illustrates Craig’s point that theories provide ways of interpreting practical knowledge o True: various theories help us to understand what’s going on - T/F: a good scientific theory should explain every aspect of a process o False: All theories involve selection from reality and they are constructed so its not possible for every theory to explain every aspect of a process - In contrast to the traditional scientific ideal of theory, “alternative-paradigm” scholars believe that: o Reality itself changes and can be represented in a variety of useful ways - T/F: Craig claims that dialogical dialectical coherence should eventually lead to consensus on a unified theory of communication: o False - In his attempt to offer a vision of how communication theory could become a field, Craig suggests the need to move the constitutive model of communication from a first order model to a second order metamodel. This transformation would: o Open up a conceptual space in which many different theoretical models of communication could interact - Which of the following is not one of the seven main communication theory
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final review - Metadiscourse is o Discourse about discourse...

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