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Questions for Reading How we talk about how we talk: communication theory in the public interest – Robert T. Craig 1. Drawing on Cameron, Craig suggests that we live in a "communication culture." What does this mean? What is the role of communication in such a culture? 2. Craig uses the term metadiscourse throughout this article. What is meant by metadiscourse? Where do you find metadiscourse? How does metadiscourse relate to theory? 3. In pointing to the larger meaning of communication as an
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Unformatted text preview: academic discipline Craig draws on three different interpretations of the importance of communication for our particular culture. What are these interpretations? How does each interpretation view the importance of communication to our culture? (pp. 661-662). 4. Craig describes several problem frames that compete with a communicative perspective. What are these competing frames? What is emphasized in each frame that is different from how communication might frame problems?...
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