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Questions for Reading The photographic message – Roland Barthes 1. What does Barthes mean by denoted/denotation and connoted/connotation? How do these relate to the photograph? 2. Barthes speaks of a photographic paradox? What does this mean? How does it relate to an ethical paradox? 3. What are the three remarks made by Barthes on the relationship between the text (meaning headline, article, and caption) and the image (press photograph)? What do these remarks tell us about denotation/connotation? Nature/culture?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Barthes suggests that the code of connotation for the photograph is not ‘natural’ nor ‘artificial,’ but historical or rather ‘cultural.’ What is meant by this? What does it tell us about meaning? Language? 5. In examining the press photograph through a dissection of the connotative code, Barthes is suggesting a way to read images through an examination of an underlying structure. Why does he believe this is fruitful? What can it tell us?...
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