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COMM 3210 Study Guide – Final Exam Exam Date: Monday, December 17, 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Unit I Metadiscourse o What it is, how it relates to discourse, examples o Its role in modern society, what this says about communication Communication Framing o What framing is, how it works, how it relates to points of view o Communication as a problem frame, other competing problem frames o Use of communication theories as problem frames o How this relates to our course Models/views of communication o Linear/Transmission view as described by Deetz, Carey o What is meant by the term “constitutive”? o System model (Deetz) as a constitutive model o Ritual model (Carey) as a constitutive model o Compare system and ritual views o how the same communication event can be understood differently from a linear/transmission, system, or ritual view o What is a practice o What is a normative discourse and how does it relate to a practice o Why might we call communication a practice How does communication as a practice differ from a natural function like breathing o How does a view of communication as practice differ from a view of communication as ritual o How does viewing communication as a practice influence the way we see the relationship between theory and practice Metatheory, what it is, scientific and practical perspectives o The concept of theory, basic elements o Theories as abstractions and constructions What does this tell us about how to evaluate theories o Traditional ideal of scientific theory – five major concepts o Alternative paradigm (practical theory) Assumptions that practical theory questions How theory relates to practice in each perspective What are the three principles of practical theory discussed by Craig in “Communication as a Practice”- be able to explain each one Communication theory as a Field o Why comm theory did not develop as a coherent field 1
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Study%20Guide%20-%20Final - COMM 3210 Study Guide Final...

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