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Aristotle rdg questions - Rhetorical Foundations COMM 3300...

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Rhetorical Foundations COMM 3300 Reading Questions 7: Aristotle (chapters 1-3 in Book I) 1. According to Aristotle, what is the relation of rhetoric and dialectic? How are they similar? “Both dialectic and rhetoric build their arguments on commonly held opinions and deal only with the probable.” [p 26]. However, while they are both similar in that sense, they also differ in that dialectic deals with logic and lacks the public address aspect of rhetoric. Rhetoric is based more on the speaker and persuasion while dialectic focuses only on proof. 2. What reasons does Aristotle provide for the idea that rhetoric is useful? Aristotle provides multiple reasons as to why rhetoric is useful, beginning with the argument that rhetoric is useful because “the true and the just are by nature stronger than their opposites, so that if judgments are not made in the right way (the true and the just) are necessarily defeated (by their opposites)” [p 34 section 12]. He also reason that rhetoric is useful in that it is necessary for one to be able to argue both sides of a question and to defend oneself through speech. 3. What is the function of rhetoric, as described in Section 14? “…its function is not to persuade but to see the available means of persuasion in each case, as is true also in all the other arts…” The function of rhetoric is thus to persuade and through rhetoric, promote the endless possibilities and open up the audience’s eyes. 4.
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Aristotle rdg questions - Rhetorical Foundations COMM 3300...

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