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Rhetorical Foundations COMM 3300 Reading Questions: Rhetorical Criticism Rhetorical criticism is the method for closely studying rhetoric. Read the excerpts from Brummett and the chapter from Black (pp. 1-9) and consider these questions. 1. How have the 20 th century changes Brummett identifies impacted our understanding of rhetoric? Before, rhetoric used to only pertain to the spoken words but as we have progressed over the years, rhetoric now takes into consideration the cultural aspects that shape rhetoric such as symbolic meanings, signs, and much more. The concept of persuasion has also expanded in that it takes place in our everyday lives not just in court or in an intended persuasive speech with a designated orator and audience. What prompted the changes in rhetorical theory and definitions was due to the difference in how signs influenced people and the “real life” changes such as technology and popular culture. The population growth in the 20 th century affects our rhetoric due to the increased interaction of individuals on an everyday basis. “It was rarely the case that many people were completely isolated or in touch with only a few other centuries ago. Nor is it the case that no one is ever alone today. But relatively speaking, more people are living and working near more other people today than ever before” [p 66]. This interaction exposes us to more cultural artifacts than in the past. In addition, technology has greatly impacted our understanding of rhetoric by creating a mass culture that influences us and our everyday experiences “…today’s experiences are, relatively speaking, more full of human voices
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brumett&blackrdgquestions - Rhetorical Foundations...

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