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Final Paper - 1 Abstract Have you ever walked through the...

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Abstract Have you ever walked through the grocery store recently and tried to look at it from an adolescent’s eye level? Look closer to see how many magazines support the thin image. It may shock you to find almost everywhere there are advertisements, celebrities and models in the media, and all over the Internet supporting the unhealthily thin body image. If being a teenager or young adult isn’t hard enough already, the pressure to stay thin can and has taken over many adolescent lives. Eating disorders are an epidemic that aren’t taken serious enough. The increasing rate of young adults controlling what they eat and/or their body is unrivalled. When one thinks about eating disorders, usually high school or college students come to mind. However, studies have shown that it has been increasingly seen in even younger women and men in age. Most people think they cannot help, but every bit does. Reaching out to those in need is what our blog aims to achieve. We are 6 women who understand the pressures out there to stay and look thin. In experiencing this ourselves we created the blog called Death by Mademoiselle. This blog is a way to reach out to those in need in hopes to set them in the right direction towards recovery. As we have learned, the media plays a strong role in our everyday lives and the Internet is the largest connection we have today. In knowing this we used the Internet to our advantage to create this domain. On our blog there is an ongoing forum where you have the opportunity to post and comment on any of the posts that already exist, a few poles, and some interesting facts to consider. The goal of it is for adolescents to have a comfortable place to voice their concerns about the media. If you have ever been down or depressed about yourself, you may have felt the want for guidance and support. This blog is for anyone to utilize it as that exact tool. We believe that through our product and the exigence of the issue, the problem of eating disorders will be at least one step closer to recovery. 1
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Rhetorical Analysis The media has become ever present and almost invasive into our everyday lives. The images of women that are portrayed in the media are especially disturbing. It is not uncommon for female models to be suffering from anorexia and bulimia though they are portrayed healthy. Not only is unrealistic weight an issue but also so is the abundance of plastic surgery in the media. Children as young as six are telling their mothers that they are fat or that they want a celebrity’s nose. Parents can no longer just shut off the television to censor the images that their kids are taking in; billboards, magazines, and the Internet are ever-present media influences. In the grocery check out line, a ten year old can see the before and after of Heidi Montag's breast job on the cover of a magazine. The constant presence of media images is creating a necessity for new tools to teach children a healthy sense of body image. Constantly seeing unrealistic images of women has begun to take its toll on children’s
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Final Paper - 1 Abstract Have you ever walked through the...

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