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Rhetorical Foundations COMM 3300 Reading Questions 2: Sophistic Rhetoric I (Gorgias, Poulakos) Directions : Carefully read John Poulakos’ “Toward a Sophistic Definition of Rhetoric” and Gorgias’ “Encomium of Helen.” These questions are designed to serve as either a homework assignment or preparation for an in-class quiz. Because you don’t know what you’ll encounter in class (a quiz, a homework collection day, or none of the above), it is best to be prepared. . . . Come to class with typed answers to these questions. That goes for all reading questions for this point forward. Poulakos: 1. What is Poulakos’ sophistic definition of rhetoric? Poulakos’ defines rhetoric as “the art which seeks to capture in opportune moments which is appropriate and attempts to suggest that which is possible” [p 36]. This definition suggests that rhetoric is an “artistic undertaking” that focuses on the how, when, and what of expression and “understands the why of the purpose” [p 36]. The Sophists’ definition/view of rhetoric focused highly on time and how the situation at hand shaped the speech in that the speech was a guided response to the temporary situation. Extemporary 2. What is the medium and double aim of the art of rhetoric, in this view? The Sophists viewed rhetoric as an art and logos (arguments that are based on logic and
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Gorgias&Poulakosrdgquestions - Rhetorical...

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