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MARKINGS OF AN AFRICAN CONCEPT OF RHETOTRIC – SMITH - African concept of communication - Rhetorical differences within culture srest upon the different emphases given to similar phenomena rather than on purely biological differences among peoples - Western concept of the written word is not historically shared by African history; cultural difference - What is the purpose of the written word? Problem of cultural evualation – writing is used for communication and historical presevation - African history used the drum to achieve the latter two; more of an expressive society rather than writing and literal - Africans maintained itself as life force in dance, music and speech - Therefore, expression is not a function of the written word alone - - it is revealed in life - Rhetoric was later taught by several Islamic scholars at the university of Timbuktu - No universal measures for rhetorical standards - Is rhetorical theory concerned only with speaking in a democracy? o Is rhetoric strictly Western? - Rhetoric is restricted to western culture to a certain extent but most are contemporary pieces of work and therefore should not be generalized to all audiences in all cultures - Rhetoicl can be defined in African culture - “Man interacting” in African society proceeds from different bases than “man
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smith-markingsreadingnotes - MARKINGS OF AN AFRICAN CONCEPT...

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