terms 3 - Exam #2 Terms (Group #3): Dissoi Logoi:...

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Exam #2 Terms (Group #3): Dissoi Logoi: Protagoras came up with this idea- said it’s important for 1 person to see both sides Dissoi= countervailing and logoi= use of facts in an argument or speech o together this means different ideas on the same topic in every situation, countervailing argument In every sort of communicative exchange there is more than 1 opinion in a situation; there is a contrary idea or opinion in every situation; there is a lack of harmony between 2 ideas o Ex: if you believe one thing and then come to find out information revealing the complete opposite of what you first believed then you’re not sure what to really think. Through the use of rhetoric we can make a weaker argument appear stronger. Rhetoric can flip the relationship in an argument that initially seemed weaker to seem stronger since rhetoric is productive and has the power to overcome appearance. It is significant because it leads to relativism, which holds that there is no absolute truth. A contemporary example showing dissoi logoi: a group debate on a particular subject. If a room full of people is debating something, there are going to be several different opinions about the same topic, instead of one. It’s the basis of our liberal arts today
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terms 3 - Exam #2 Terms (Group #3): Dissoi Logoi:...

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