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Pua Pakele and Cabot, Jacky Buettgen, Jackie Colgate, Desiree Chan, Julie Wattier, Carly Kaatz Rhetorical terms To prepon The appropriate A principle calling attention to how rhetoric should be suitable for the occasion, audience and subject. To prepon is mentioned by Poulakus in his definition of Sophist’s rhetoric. He suggests that the Sophists require rhetoric to be artful (techne), to seize opportune moments (kairos), to be ap- propriate, and to look to the possible (to dynaton). The appropriate specifically indicates that the type of rhetoric used should fit the situation. For example, an appropriate speech for a pres- ident elect would be to thank the American people and to look towards the future of his/her time in office. A rhetor can use techne to develop to prepon, but the speech will only be effect- ive if directed at the appropriate subject. Aristotle adopted to prepon and kairos into his idea of rhetoric which was later identified by Bitzer as a rhetorical situation. To prepon and kairos sug- gest that there is an identifiable need (exigence) and since Bitzer believed in relativism:, that there is only one appropriate response. It continues to be an important aspect of rhetoric as it helps guide responses to ever present rhetorical situations as suggested by Bitzer. Pistis Translates to “proof or belief” There are three types of pistis as identified by Aristotle: Ethos, Pathos, logos Ethos: the character of the speaker
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terms 5 - Pua Pakele and Cabot Jacky Buettgen Jackie...

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