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Chan 3610 Proposal

Chan 3610 Proposal - COMM 3610 Paper Proposal November 9...

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COMM 3610 Paper Proposal November 9, 2007 Title Topic: I am interested in exploring the recent role of ICT’s and modern technology in businesses and its significance on world wide communication in mediated work. Interest in the Topic: Technology has taken over all of our lives to the extent that it is nearly impossible to run any business without it. In addition to assisting many businesses worldwide it has also affected work norms. I am interested in further researching how it has affected employee interactions as well as hierarchial interaction, work environements, and communication in the workforce. I also would like to explore its affect on family relationships and how work and family time no longer has merged into one category, lessening the invisible line between the two. How the Topic Relates to this Course: This topic relates to this course because it studies the impact of modern technology on the individual not only in the work force but also during one’s free time.
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