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Prof. McClellan COMM 3610 Unit 6 Identity and Self Expression Online 1. Before reading Dibbel’s article “A Rape in Cyberspace”, I had never been aware of MUDs and MOOs in the virtual world. Although the case of Mr.Bungle and his misuse of the Voodoo doll on innocent participants took place in the virtual world, I feel almost as though what happened afterwards in the virtual community resembled somewhat of an ancient formation of a town and its’ government. Since the “archwizards” did not intervene, the participants had to form together to come up with a plan to “toad” Mr. Bungle from the community. Individuals took on different identities online and created a separate world aside from their real lives and worked together to address the community problem in this virtual world.
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Unformatted text preview: I found it interesting that even though LamdaMOO was staged as a place of infinite magical constructions of identities and places, problems that occurred in the real world were mirrored in LamdaMOO. 2. This weeks reading did not necessarily make me reevaluate how I present myself online but instead it made me more aware of where I present myself online. I do not partake in chat rooms or MOOs of any sort however sites such as facebook could also be a place in which a similar Mr. Bungles incident could occur. I would not present my online identity any different but limiting my interaction with individuals I do not know is of my utmost concerns....
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