Chan 3610 Unit5

Chan 3610 Unit5 - Prof McClellan COMM 3610 Unit 5...

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Prof. McClellan COMM 3610 Unit 5 Traditional ideas of a community once referred to neighborhoods in which all members shared a central location and involved those close in proximity. Today, we have expanded the definition to now include “virtual communities” and the computer has added a new form of a shared central location. Common interests, shared environments, interactivity, multiple communicators, and sustained membership can be seen in these virtual communities, particularly the game EverQuest. In Jacobsson and Taylor’s article “The Sopranos Meets EverQuest”, the interactive computer game EverQuest is paralleled to the mafia community. The article touches on the important building blocks of the mafia community that are also valued in EverQuest – “trust, honor, silence, favors, reputation, and ‘the family’”. In EverQuest, a group will form together to kill a monster through a collection of each member’s skills and powers. Once the monster dies, they can “loot” the corpse of
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This note was uploaded on 03/18/2009 for the course COMM 3610 taught by Professor Mcclellan, during the Fall '08 term at Colorado.

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Chan 3610 Unit5 - Prof McClellan COMM 3610 Unit 5...

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