Unit 2 Response Grade and Comments

Unit 2 Response Grade and Comments - COMM 3610:...

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COMM 3610: Communication, Technology, and Society (FALL 2008) Unit 2 Response The oral culture and the emergence of the symbolic form of communication, dates back to 5000 BC and has remained an important base for communication today. We have evolved in many ways to expand our means of communication and such advancements have aided our everyday lives in multiple ways. Inventions like the cell phone and wireless Internet allows us to receive and send out information in which we would not have been able to do years ago. Though our culture is heavily based on oral language, living in an oral culture alone has many restraints that we do not face today due to our advancements over the years. I became more aware of these restraints when addressing the situation given for this assignment. "A symbol functions as symbolic communication when the symbol creates a shared universe of understanding beyond the objective meaning of the word". This would trigger the first step in my search for an explanation in that the symptoms my sister displayed would constitute the shared universal understanding of when an individual is sick. If I were living in an oral culture based on symbolic communication, it would be highly difficult to find the answer and cure to my sister's strange illness due to many factors. Face to face communication is the main form used during this time period since there were no ways of documenting and recording information as there are today. In addition there were absolutely no forms of communication technology available to society, which would also limit me in finding a cure for my sister. In addition to the barriers my living situation would propose, I would
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Unit 2 Response Grade and Comments - COMM 3610:...

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