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Cultural identity paper - March 18, 2007 Education 3013...

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March 18, 2007 Education 3013 Cultural Analysis in American Schooling Education should be designed to meet the needs of every student willing to learn. This means that every person from every culture should be able to learn in the environment provided by the education system, yet this is not always the case. Education is found to be different among students of different socio-economical backgrounds, race, gender, religion, and other characteristics, which cause inequalities in our education system. By interviewing a nineteen-year-old Ethiopian girl, Bethlehem Gedion, I have come to understand the challenges that students from different cultures receive relative to my own. I grew up as female, Christian, white, upper class United States citizen, in the outskirts of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I spent my K-12 educational experience at a small private school, The Blake School. It was and is a prestigious college preparatory high school whose mission is to “provide students with an excellent, academically challenging education in a diverse and supportive community committed to a common set of values. Students are expected to participate in an integrated program of academic, artistic, and athletic activities in preparation for college, lifelong learning, community service and lives as responsible world citizens”( I graduated with a class of one hundred eleven people, and our classroom sizes were never larger than sixteen people. 99.099% of these students when on to college, with one student taking a few years off of school to pursue his hockey interests. In my school no students dropped out of high school or did not attend college, unless to pursue a sport goal. We had every sort of educational resource you could hope for in a school; there were three computer labs,
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an extensive library, great academic, art, and sports programs, plenty of upper level and AP courses, engaging faculty members, and renovated facilities with new technology added every year. I never felt my high school placed any sort of limitations on my learning experience; instead they embraced every opportunity to see each student grow. I always felt that I was handed a great educational opportunity. Minnesota is known to have a great school system, yet since I did not attend a public high school and did not know first had what that experience was like. The reason that I attended Blake was due to the fact that my family had a large line of family members attend. My great grandmother was in the first class to graduate from Northrop (the girls school before they merged together), my grandfather graduated in the 1937, and my father graduated in 1873. Therefore my grandfather was very persistent in my parents placing my three siblings and me at Blake. In that respect, I did not have a choice in the school I went to, and never really had the choice to leave it. Yet luckily for me I was sent to a good school, which provided me with the education I needed to pursue my goals in life. So even
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Cultural identity paper - March 18, 2007 Education 3013...

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