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Professor Glimp English 2010 13 October 2006 Analog Boy in a Digital World: In a world consumed by signs, Jean Baudrillard’s critique of stimulation in The Precession of Simulacra closely parallels the lyrics of the Rx Bandit’s song, “Analog Boy.” Two overlapping themes of Baudrillard’s work and “Analog Boy” are distraction from reality by means of media stimulation and inhabiting a world created by signs. In Baudrillard’s work, the simulacrum is adapted in the context of “ semiotics , extended from its common one: a copy of a copy which has been so dissipated in its relation to the original that it can no longer be said to be a copy. The simulacrum , therefore, stands on its own as a copy without a model”(Wikipedia). The reality which we exist in is the creation of signs. Over time, signs have created an entirely new meaning with nothing to identify with the original meaning of the sign. Contemporary society continually is bombarded by images and signs created by humans (media) and imposed by a consumer based capitalistic society. The signs and symbols portrayed by the media mask any sort of authentic reality that exists under the layers of images imposed by the media. According to Baudrillard in the Precession of Simulacra , human beings inhabit the hyperreal, or “…the generation by models of a real without origin a reality; a hyperreal”(Cain, 1732). The “Analog Boy in a digital world” (Rx Bandits) refers to the modern human perpetuated by constant stimulation in a digital world. The adjective analog refers to “being a device in which data are represented by continuously variable, measurable, physical quantities, such as length, width, voltage, or pressure”(dictionary). Employing analog as an adjective, an “Analog Boy” can be described as a human being with a constant force exerted upon it. The media is the force constantly exerted upon an individual and in the terms of Baudrillard, it is the simulacra. The bombardment of images eventually creates the hyperreal or a reality existing amidst
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analog boy - Professor Glimp English 2010 13 October 2006...

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