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aristotle on the matrix

aristotle on the matrix - Tragedy established a good...

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What Aristotle would think about it? “Part of every tragedy is the complication and part is the solution. The incidents outside the tragedy and often some of those inside it are the complication, and the rest is the solution. By “complication” I mean the tragedy from the beginning up to the final part from where there is a transformation towards good fortune or misfortune; by solution, the tragedy from the beginning of the transformation up to the end.” P.105 Neo takes the red pill and decides to learn the truth of his existence. GOOD transformation. This shows a change in fortune. Neo learns he is the one at the end of the movie, also good Believable necessary or possible- the plot of the matrix makes a compelling argument and makes it very believable, necessary, and possible
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Unformatted text preview: Tragedy: established a good tragedy because it is complex(how characters find out they are living in alternate reality). Terrifying and pitiable events… people are being made into energy by robots. “The representation is not only of a complete action but also of terrifiable and pitiable incidents.” P.98 “such a structure can contain moral satisfaction, but not pity or terror, for the former is felt for a person undeserving of his misfortune, and the latter for a person like ourselves. Consequently the outcome will be neither pitiable nor terrifying.” P.100 • The outcome was good for a normal guy like neo, he overcame everything that happened and the audience wants something good to happen to neo...
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