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Baudrillard discuss - images are true In order to stay at the university I am required to study quite a bit and take my stay here a little more

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I found the Baudrillard reading very interesting and valid for the world and contemporary society that we inhabit today. While reading the introduction one specific passage really resonated with me before I began to read Baudrillard’s Simulacra. “The student who is starting college, for example, has so many images of college students (from movies to TV) in mind that his or her way of being a student will inevitably be patterned in response to those preexisting images”(p. 1731). I found this to be so true to my experience of starting college because I had seen and associated college with the movies I had watched including, Old School, Van Wilder, Animal House, PCU and many more that depicted college as an enormous party with attractive women everywhere you look and absolute chaos at times. This was and still remains my image of college when I try to associate it with an idea. Now I realize, that I am still a student as much as I would like to think that these
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Unformatted text preview: images are true. In order to stay at the university, I am required to study quite a bit and take my stay here a little more seriously as it prepares me for the “real world” and the profession I choose. It is a very liminal state to be in, but the depictions from media dissemination on the minds of the incoming freshmen is a little different than what college actually is. I think that this idea is closely associated with Baudrillard’s hyperreal that is created by our consumer based capitalist society that is bombarded with signs that hide reality and create a completely new reality, the hyperreal. My reality of college has been shrouded my idea of college to be something that was created by the media. The image created by the movies I watch is very appealing and something that I wish was the truth. If I had a golf cart and a secretary like Van Wilder, my college experience would be very different, but unfortunately I do not....
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