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discussion 3 - accustomed to the reality that we created...

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I think that you pose an intriguing argument and I do question whether society would function without artificial stimulation and something to provide distraction from the real world. I also agree that our society is one of excess and we strive to be stimulated everyday in every way possible so we do not have to think about our lives and the reality that lies within them. Other interesting counter arguments addressed in class questioned whether or not we inhabit any sort of “real” or “raw” existence at all? The class briefly discussed whether an authentic existence ever actually occurred. The argument continued saying that throughout history, the human race has always found symbols and ways to relate things to others and to make sense out of our existence. We have always used symbols in our lives from pagan symbols written on cave walls to the TV that is idly generating images behind me as I type. I wonder if we ever did have a reality that was not adulterated with other images and symbols and if we are so
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Unformatted text preview: accustomed to the reality that we created throughout history, if this is our existence? If I agree with my last statement, I think that I would completely be in agreement with Baudrillard’s argument of the simulara infecting our entire existence. He argues the phases of the simulacra, “This would be the successive phases of the image:-It is the reflection of a basic reality-it masks and perverts a basic reality-it masks the absense of a basic reality-it bears no relation to any reality whatever: it is its own pure simulacrum”(p.1736). I am not saying that I do not agree that we inhabit a world of complete distraction with images and symbols that control our lives, but I think that the great critisism of this work is what the real that he speaks of actually is and if it even exists? I am answering a question with a question. I am really sorry but it is just fuel for the fire I guess....
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