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Walter Benjamin’s “Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” is very accessible for our generation as well as when he was writing in response to Nazi domination in Germany. I think that the YouTube example brought up in class is a very good example of modern reproduction methods. The more I explored YouTube, it became very clear to me that everyone is a critic and likes to critique work in any art form to make the experience of the critic close to their own ideas or belief systems. People are just naturally inclined to have opinions about anything that they see and place their own reservations. The class discussion led to personal experiences, which everyone has, of different interpretations and reproductions other people have seen. The day after class I went to the Boulder Art Gallery with my girlfriend and it made me think of the discussion in class
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Unformatted text preview: and that people are going to still be inclined to see “authentic” pieces of work because the actual creation of art and not the copy shows the “uniqueness and creativity” of the artist. People are drawn to art galleries to see the actual production and pieces of art, even if they are just independent Boulder artists, because it has more appeal than a reproduction. The pieces at the art gallery have a cult value as well. “In other words, the unique value of the “authentic” work of art has its basis in ritual, the location of its original use value. This ritualistic basis, however, remote, is still recognizable as secularized ritual even in the most profane forms of the cult of beauty” (1171). Looking at art, giving it value, critiquing the art, and making the art important enough to create a cult following....
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