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When approaching the subject of blues ideology and Afro

When approaching the subject of blues ideology and Afro -...

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When approaching the subject of blues ideology and Afro-American literature, I like to approach the topic with “rigorous skepticism” like David suggests. The man who is writing is a white academic who is studying the culture and people of Afro-American culture and how this relates to Afro-American literature. This sounds a lot like ethnography to me, you too? Baudrillard said that ethnography should be dismissed because no one person can interpret another’s culture accurately and come up with a analysis of an entire group of people and who they are. But still I find Baker’s ideas very interesting.
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Unformatted text preview: The “Blues Matrix” is very similar to heteroglossia of Afro-American “vernacular.” The “network” has a transformative affect on the blues as a “collective phenomenon” which is very interesting but at the same time, this man’s audience is other academic white guys who have not embraced or really can say they understand the culture of Afro-American culture so why are they experts? I often wonder why we keep writing books about why black people are so good, and having a white guy dress up like a black guy. Why not let a black guy just write the F****ing book?...
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