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I am writing my response today because I am leaving for Moab for the weekend, so unfortunately I will not be able to reply to any posts anyone makes over the weekend. On my way home from class I was thinking about our discussion on language as a unified system according to Saussure’s perspective. I think that it is very interesting that he took such an approach and find it very applicable to model the world we live in and how we interpret things around us through language. I think that we do operate specifically within a system because language gives people a vehicle to communicate what they are experiencing. The discussion today included the topic of “language generating reality.” With this idea is also the question of without language, how can we think? Someone brought up the example of parrots or other birds being able to speak through the learned process
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Unformatted text preview: of experiencing when they say Polly want a cracker, the bird receives a cracker. The discussion continued with someones experience with their birds speaking without anyone in a room implying that the bird is able to talk without the reward and therefore is just talking merely to talk. If language generates reality and we live within the constructs of our language and think within the barriers that our language allows, then what does it mean when you talk to yourself? I was walking home and a man was just talking to himself and no one else was around. He was articulating his ideas within the constructs of our language and what our culture has produced to articulate thoughts ideas and mainly signs. But I guess I was just wondering what it means to talk to yourself?...
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